Arctic Sea Ice Not Disappearing

arctic_iceAnnouncements that the Arctic sea ice would soon disappear have been among the most favorite claims made by publicity seeking climatologists and leading American politicians. According to them, there isn’t supposed to be any Arctic sea ice today. (1)

So, what has happened? The Arctic sea ice has not disappeared. It is not doomed in the real world. Clearly over the past years Arctic sea ice has refused to have anything to do with the often claimed ‘death spiral’ and alarmists are always forced to go back a number of years in order to get the sharp downward spiral trend they want to see. Lately, however, it has not been downward at all.

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Silent on climate: Why it wasn’t a focus in the presidential debates

debate-threePresidential debates are intended to “provide the best possible information to viewers and listeners,” according to the Commission on Presidential Debates. That means highlighting differences between the candidates to help Americans choose their next commander in chief.

On Wednesday night alone, the candidates were asked to compare their economic policies, attitudes toward the Second Amendment, and positions on immigration. Other themes across the three debates have included the candidates’ fitness to be president and their vision for America’s future. One issue notable for its absence, however, was climate change.

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Climate Silence Goes Way Beyond Debate Moderators

third-debateWith three presidential debates and one for vice president behind us, David Leonhardt posted a helpful tally of debate questions — decrying the lack of a single question on one of the key issues facing humanity in this century and beyond: human-driven climate change. (The issue was touched on twice by Hillary Clinton in answers to other questions.)

Paul Krugman and a host of environment-minded commentators weighed in, as well.

I put it this way on Twitter: “When journalism merely mirrors public worries, what happens? Zero debate questions on #climatechange.

But of course there are deeper issues afoot.

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Judge: EPA Must Analyze Coal Industry’s Job Cuts From High-Handed Rules

coal_miningThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency must begin evaluating how many power plants and coal mining jobs are lost because of air pollution regulations, an analysis it hasn’t done in decades, a federal judge in West Virginia on Monday ordered.

U.S. District Judge John Preston Bailey ruled that the EPA is required by law to analyze the economic impact on a continuing basis when enforcing the Clean Air Act, the Register-Herald reported. The EPA argued that analyzing job loss won’t change global energy trends, Bailey wrote in his order.

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Global Warming Increase Crop Yields, Green The Earth, Reduce Weather Extremes, Extend Human Life

earth_coldBack in the early 1970s, when there was a scientific consensus that the Earth was cooling and that cooling was not good for the biosphere, scientists were ranking human-generated pollutants in terms of their potential to do harm to the planet. At that time, CO2 was regarded as “the least objectionable or only beneficial addition to the atmosphere from industrial sources.”

Libby, 1970



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EPA Chief: ‘I’m Not Talking To Climate Deniers’

mccarthyEnvironmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy said she’s done talking to “climate deniers” who don’t think human activities are causing global warming.

“If they haven’t figured out by now, what in God’s name could anyone say to them?” McCarthy said in a Facebook Live interview with Mashable Tuesday.

“I don’t check out flat Earth society and I’m not talking to climate deniers,” she said. “That’s it. Sorry, I know I’m supposed to be for everybody, but my patience has worn thin over eight years.”

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Former Greenpeace Boss Praises Fracking As Tool To Defeat Global Warming

greenpeaceThe former leader of Greenpeace UK broke ranks with the anti-fracking group Tuesday by suggesting that fracking is an essential tool to help fight global warming.

Former Greenpeace U.K. Executive Director Stephen Tindale claimed in an article for the UK Sun that fracking helps reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by weaning Britain off coal. Tindale held a leadership position with the group from 2000-2005.

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New Study Says ‘There Is No Support’ For Green Claims About Fracking And Radiation

fracking_protestNew research from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) found there’s absolutely no support for environmentalist’s claims that hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, produces radiation that poses a health risk.

The CMU study concluded even in the worst case scenario, fracking produces levels of radon far below those dubbed safe by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). When examining green claims that fracking could potentially cause cancer, the study found that they “provided insufficient documentation of the methodology used.”

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Become climate thinkers, and liberate fossil fuels

chris-wallaceShould Chris Wallace ask our presidential candidates about climate change? Absolutely, but only as part of a broader discussion of the role of fossil fuels in America’s energy future.

“Climate change” — more precisely, man-made warming — is a side effect of using fossil fuels for cheap, plentiful, reliable energy. To ask candidates to address climate change without addressing the unique benefits of fossil fuels is like asking the candidates to address vaccine side effects without addressing the unique benefits of vaccines.

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As Media Credibility Dies, Obama Announces War on Free Press

obamaExpressing nostalgia for the days when just three establishment-controlled propaganda organs dominated the public narrative, President Obama lashed out at what he called the “wild, wild west” media landscape that allows non-establishment voices and viewpoints to be heard. Claiming that “censorship” would not be the answer, Obama called for Americans to submit to a vaguely defined (presumably government-run) “curating function” that would help “discard” unapproved information. Critics, though, warned that an increasingly desperate establishment was plotting all-out war on freedom of the press and the free Internet.

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