Is it Hypocrisy or Ignorance that Drives Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse?

whitehouseSen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) is one of the most vocal climate alarmists in Congress. Each week, he delivers a “Time to Wake Up” speech on the Senate floor that rails against man-made global warming. And he repeatedly urges America to “move away from fossil fuels and transition to clean, renewable energy.”

Ironically, his Rhode Island constituents are benefiting from these same fossil fuels—something Whitehouse has been quick to celebrate of late on Facebook when he talks about the shipbuilding and manufacturing projects that are bringing good-paying jobs to Rhode Island. It appears, however, that Whitehouse either doesn’t know or doesn’t understand why fossil fuels are driving this same economic growth.

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Climate Scientists: Antarctic Temperatures Cooling Every Year Since 1998

As depicted in the climatastrophe flick The Day After Tomorrow.

Writing in the journal Nature, a group of scientists has documented that temperatures in the Antarctic Peninsula have been falling steadily for the last 18 years at the rate of nearly one degree Fahrenheit per decade, countering earlier warming trends.

During the second half of the 20th century, the Antarctic Peninsula experienced an extended warming period igniting fears of apocalyptic catastrophes like that depicted in the 2004 Hollywood climate change disaster film, “The Day After Tomorrow.”

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The Poor Get The Shaft – Forced To Pick Up 7 Billion Euro Power Tab Of German Industry!

Here’s more proof that Germany’s scheme to shift over to renewable energy sources, the so-called Energiewende, is backfiring – this time socially.

German climate alarmist site “Klimaretter” (Climate Rescuer) writes here that Germany’s Energiewende has been unfair to consumers, but a real bonanza for some large power consumers.

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New York Times: There Are Serious Problems With Wind And Solar

windWind and solar power have been expensive boondoggles that won’t develop fast enough to affect global warming, according to a New York Times (NYT) article published Wednesday.

The article, written by a NYT economics correspondent, cites Germany’s negative experience with wind and solar, and states “Germany, Europe’s champion for renewable energy, seems to be having second thoughts about its ambitious push to ramp up its use of renewable fuels for power generation.” 

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Green Billionaire’s Wealth Makes Up 99 Percent Of Enviro-PAC’s Funds

steyerEnvironmentalist billionaire Tom Steyer shoveled nearly $7 million into his own Super-PAC, bringing his donation total to the group up to $18 billion, according to a Thursday report from The Associated Press.

Steyer’s funds account for nearly 100 percent of NextGen Climate Action Committee’s entire political war chest, a number totaling more than $7,000,620. Steyer has given the group $7,000,000.

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Gov’t-Run Utility Plagued By ‘Waste, Fraud And Abuse,’ Senators Write

Sen. Jeff Flake

Sen. Jeff Flake

Arizona Republican Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake are demanding Energy Department investigators brief them on the agency’s investigation into “past reports of, and ongoing allegations of, waste, fraud and abuse” at a government-run utility.

The GOP senators sent a letter to DOE Tuesday asking the inspector general’s office about their review of the use of government purchase cards at the Desert Southwest Region (DSW) of the Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) — a government utility operating across 15 western states.

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Shrinking Ozone Hole Leads To Cooling Antarctic Temperatures

antarcticaThe Antarctic Peninsula is cooling in response to the shrinking ozone hole and a changing wind pattern, according to a new study published in the journal Nature.

The study, undertaken by the British Antarctic Survey, concludes that changing wind patterns pushed warm water away from Antarctica, therefore cooling the northern-most part of the continent.

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Science or advocacy?

earthFor almost thirty years, I have taught climate science at three different universities. What I have observed is that students are increasingly being fed climate change advocacy as a surrogate for becoming climate science literate. This makes them easy targets for the climate alarmism that pervades America today.

Earth’s climate probably is the most complicated non-living system one can study, because it naturally integrates astronomy, chemistry, physics, biology, geology, hydrology, oceanography and cryology, and also includes human behavior by both responding to and affecting human activities. Current concerns over climate change have further pushed climate science to the forefront of scientific inquiry.

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What would Trump mean for energy?

trumpThere is certainly no shortage of opinion being voiced about Donald Trump as he prepares to address the Republican National Convention tonight.

What would a Trump presidency mean for energy and the environment?

We published a detailed analysis by energy analyst Marita Noon at

“Trump calls it a An America First Energy Plan.’ In it, he calls for ‘American energy dominance,’ which he sees as a strategic, economic, and foreign policy goal. Like every recent president, he seeks ‘American energy independence’ — which he defines as being ‘independent of any need to import energy from the OPEC cartel or any nations hostile to our interests.’”

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Antarctic Has Been Cooling For Almost 20 Years, Scientists Confirm

record sea iceThe Antarctic Peninsula, regarded as a “global warming hot spot”, has been cooling for almost 20 years. Natural variability was responsible both for the decades-long warming since the 1950s and more recent cooling, according to research published today in Nature. The research, led by John Turner from the British Antarctic Survey, said while the start of Antarctic Peninsula cooling in 1998 had coincided with the so-called “global warming hiatus”, the two were not connected. Prior to the paper’s publication, science media organisations around the world were ready with quotes from climate scientists to ensure the Turner paper was not misinterpreted. –Graham Lloyd, The Australian, 21 July 2016

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