White House removes climate change from website, but don’t blame Trump

Shortly after #Donald Trump’s inauguration, George Takei tweeted the administration had removed pages related to #Climate Change, the LGBT community, and healthcare from the official White House website.

The former “Star Trek” actor and gay rights’ activist created a firestorm when it got re-tweeted 119 thousand times and media outlets started picking it up as actual ‘news.’ Left-wing activist groups like the Sierra Club and Think Progress quickly began a campaign of misinformation.

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Trump Puts A Freeze On EPA Spending

The Trump administration instructed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to freeze all its grant spending, according to an unnamed agency source.

EPA stopped handing out grants for projects and research on global warming, air quality monitoring and education, and the agency instructed employees not to discuss the spending freeze outside the agency, reports The Huffington Post.

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Trump signs five more orders on pipelines, steel and environment

President Trump signed five more executive actions Tuesday in a blitz of executive power meant to speed approvals of high-profile energy projects like the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines.

In reversing the Obama administration policy to disapprove the Keystone pipeline, Trump emphasized that the construction isn’t a done deal. “It’s something that subject to a renegotiation of terms by us,” he said. “We’ll see if we can get the pipeline built. A lot of jobs, 28,000 jobs.”

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Do Trump’s Appointees Understand the Problem with Climate Change?

In the Senate’s ongoing confirmation hearings, knee-jerk liberals keep asking President Trump’s appointees – even though the question is totally irrelevant to the secretaries being questioned – about global warming (AGW, for anthropogenic global warming), aka global climate change.

Surprisingly, most of those appointees have affirmed their “belief” in climate change. In the light of the president’s deletion of all mentions of AGW and climate change from the White House website at high noon on January 20, those appointees might want to reconsider their stance. 

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Big win: Turnbull wasted billions, but now backs super critical coal, copies skeptics 5 years later

Malcolm Turnbull

(h/t Bob C.) Back in 2011 Anton Lang, Tony Cox, and I wrote here about why Australia would be better off with super critical hot coal generators (which China already uses, and which even Indonesia will get before us). Not only do we get cheap reliable power, but it would be a better way to reduce our emissions (if we want to pretend to change the weather).

Now, finally, in 2017 Malcolm Turnbull is saying the same thing as the skeptics he mocked years ago. This is how the “climate meme” dies, one unacknowledged step at a time. Gradually all the skeptical positions get picked up, years later and after burning billions at the altar of “climate control”.

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Al Gore dodges ‘inconvenient’ questions at Sundance

Former Vice President Al Gore premiered his latest #Climate Change documentary at Sundance Film Festival’s opening night but refused to answer questions about previous failed predictions.

The new film, “An Inconvenient Sequel,” comes out 11 years after the first movie debuted at Sundance. The fact that it was shown on the eve of Inauguration Day was entirely coincidental.

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SOURCE: Career EPA Staffers Will Undermine Trump, Leak To The Press

An unnamed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) source warned that agency employees will leak information about “actions they deem ill-advised or illegal” to environmental groups and the media, Politico reports.

The unnamed career staffer, whose identity Politico keeps anonymous, warned EPA employees “who stay to fight actions they deem ill-advised or illegal by quietly providing information of what is happening inside their agencies to advocacy groups and the media,” Politico reported.

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Massachusetts Lawmakers Want To Ban Fossil Fuel By 2050

Two Massachusetts lawmakers introduced legislation over the weekend to phase out fossil fuel use by 2050.

Democratic state Reps. Sean Garballey and Marjorie Decker pushed legislation requiring Massachusetts to get 100 percent of its electricity from green sources by 2035, and end fossil fuel use in heating and transportation by 2050.

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MIT physicist warns against ‘alarmism’ over climate change

Arctic ice, rising sea levels, and polar bears were the stuff of spirited discussion over bagels and lox Sunday morning at Central Mass. Chabad.

Atmospheric physicist Richard S. Lindzen, the Alfred P. Sloan Professor Emeritus of Meteorology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an eminent dissenter from the popular consensus that climate change poses a significant threat to the planet, spoke at a breakfast at the Jewish center at 22 Newton Ave.

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An inconvenient review of Gore’s “An Inconvenient Sequel”

An Inconvenient Sequel to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth premiered Thursday night at Sundance.

I joined the crowd at the film festival’s Eccles theater where my reaction ranged from bored, to emotional, to appalled that I let this film manipulate my emotions even for a moment.

The film is not aimed at thinking people. If there’s a legitimate case to be made for global warming, this is not it. It doesn’t even try. Instead Gore abandons science in favor of tired global warming talking points that have long been debunked. It’s shameless.

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