Columbia J-School Grants Billionaire-Backed Media Outlet Major Prize For Smearing Exxon

exxonColumbia University’s journalism school foisted an award Thursday upon the environmental media outlet thrashing ExxonMobil over its internal research on global warming.

The Ivy league school gave InsideClimateNews its 2016 John B. Oakes Award for Distinguished Environmental Journalism despite the fact that both Columbia University and InsideClimate’s chief benefactor, the billionaire Rockefeller Family Fund, colluded with several other economists to take down Exxon.

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Feds Fund Scientists Who Protect The ‘Global Warming Paradigm,’ Says Report

obama_alaskaThe Obama administration has been pumping billions of taxpayer dollars into science that’s “heavily biased in favor of the paradigm of human-induced climate change,” according to a researchers.

Policy experts wanted to know if the lure of federal dollars was biasing climate science research.What they found is the group responsible for a significant portion of government climate science funding seems more concerned with promoting the “anthropogenic global warming” (AGW) paradigm, than studying natural variability in weather patterns.

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Baby Haters Use Global Warming To Justify Their Selfishness

babyThe second most fun thing about starting a cult is that you getting to make up a cool title for yourself, something like “the Reincarnate Lord,” “Scion of the Ages,” or “Hank the Demigod of South Dakota.” The most fun thing about a starting a cult, however, is that you can make yourself seem really holy by saying God told you to do all the sinful stuff you had pretty much already decided you were going to do.

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Bill Nye, ‘The Science Guy,’ admits climate ‘deniers’ have been ‘surprisingly successful’

nyeBill Nye, former host of the TV show “Bill Nye The Science Guy,” is no fan of climate skeptics, but he recently acknowledged that they have been “surprisingly successful” in influencing public opinion on global warming.

Asked why environmental issues such as climate change “have not been brought to the forefront of political debate,” Mr. Nye said that, “In my opinion, it’s all due to [whom] I call the ‘deniers.’”

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Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. slams ‘global warming’ link to floods & extreme weather

pielke_jr_congressDr. Roger Pielke Jr., a Professor in the Environmental Studies Program at the University of Colorado and a Fellow of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES), slammed the linkage of global warming to the recent Louisiana floods and other types of extreme weather. (See: Bill Nye: Climate change is reason for Louisiana floods)

Pielke authored the 2014 book “The Rightful Place of Science: Disasters and Climate Change.”

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Al Roker Uses Weather Report to Get on Climate Change Soapbox

roker_alOn Tuesday’s NBC Today, Al Roker used an 8 a.m. ET hour weather report to mount his climate change soapbox and issue a dire warning to viewers: “Well, it has been a really hot year and it just continues. 15 consecutive months of record warmth, global temperatures….But look what happens if we project out to 2050, look at how much further you start to see that deep red of 50-plus days above 100.”

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Great Reef Hysteria Exposed?

reefReef tourism operators have found less than five per cent of coral has died off — compared to the 50 to 60 per cent estimated by scientists — under “extreme” mass coral bleaching on the northern Great Barrier Reef. Latest findings exclusively obtained by The Courier-Mail show coral mortality in the outer shelf reefs north of Lizard Island was between one and five per cent with “spectacular” fish life and coral coverage. Spirit of Freedom owner Chris Eade said reports of 93 per cent bleaching on the 2300km long Great Barrier Reef had made global headlines and damaged the reputation of the $5 billion reef tourism industry. “Scientists had written off that entire northern section as a complete white-out,’’ Mr Eade said. “We expected the worst. But it is tremendous condition, most of it is pristine, the rest is in full recovery. It shows the resilience of the reef.’’ –Peter Michael, The Courier-Mail. 23 August 2016

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Clinton Foundation Donor Begged Huma For Face Time With Hillary, Emails Show

huma with clintonA Clinton Foundation donor and St. Louis-based political consultant begged Huma Abedin to get former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to meet with her client, the U.S.’s largest coal company, according to emails released by a conservative legal group.

“Huma, I need your help now to intervene please,” Joyce Aboussie, a Clinton Foundation donor with close ties to the former First Family, emailed Abedin in June 2009 after Clinton had been leading the State Department for about six months.

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Have Lots Of Children. It’s Good For The Planet

overpopulationThe problem with environmentalists isn’t merely that they have destructive ideas about the economy, but that so many of them embrace repulsive ideas about human beings.

Take this recent NPR piece that asks: “Should We Be Having Kids In The Age Of Climate Change?” If you want to learn about how environmentalism has already affected people in society, read about the couple pondering “the ethics of procreation and its impact on the climate” before starting a family or the group of women in a prosperous New Hampshire town swapping stories about how the “the climate crisis is a reproductive crisis.”

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The ‘Wilderness’ Myth

western_australia_wildernessWell do I remember Judy Edwards, the then-Minister for the Environment, proudly announcing the creation of WA’s first official wilderness area. It was 2004, and the area in question was an extensive hectarage of forest in the deep south, near the small towns of Walpole and Denmark. It was not a ‘green-fields’ reservation, but a cobbling together of existing reserves, mostly national parks, but also including some state forests. The great thing about this new wilderness area, Minister Edwards explained, was that it would “protect biodiversity and ecological processes in the long term.”

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