CNBC Misleads on Renewable Energy

renewable-chartCNBC viewers are being snookered.

The business news network featured an article in the “Sustainable Energy” section of its Website that proclaimed: “Renewables surged past coal in 2015 to become world’s biggest source of electricity: IEA.”

In reading that headline, one might get the impression that wind turbines and solar panels produced more electricity last year than coal. But the fine print actually reveals a very different picture.

The opening paragraph of the article by “Freelance digital reporter” Anmar Frangoul gives a clue as to the sleight of hand being used. Frangoul cites the International Energy Agency (IEA) as reporting that “Renewable energy moved past coal in 2015 to become the biggest source of global electricity capacity.” The key word there is “capacity.”

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Obama steers clear as North Dakota pipeline protests veer out of control

dakota-pipeline-protestHaving lent support to the North Dakota pipeline protesters, the Obama administration is stiff-arming requests for more federal assistance as the situation on the ground at the massive encampment grows increasingly volatile.

Six states sent law enforcement support to the Dakota Access pipeline site after several law enforcement officers were hurt in last weekend’s clashes that saw 127 arrests, the shooting of a drone that buzzed a helicopter and the use of pepper spray against protesters who charged a police line.

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@WIKILEAKS: Clinton Camp Asked For Money From Donor With Russian Oil Ties

hillary-putinDemocratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign pitched a small group of wealthy liberals worried about global warming to become “climate policy donors,” according to a leaked email chain.

One of those donors, however, has taken money from a Bermuda-based law firm with extensive ties to Russia. The email chain was one of thousands published online by WikiLeaks from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s hacked Gmail account.

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Fish Will Handle Global Warming Just Fine, According To Major New Study

coral-reef-fishFish will likely handle global warming much better than environmentalists predict, according to new government-funded research.

Researchers from the University of East Anglia and Dalhousie University found the Winter Skate, a kind of ray-like finish similar to a shark, could adapt to environmental changes far more rapidly than predicted. In fact, skates have survived much more serious climatic shifts events in their evolutionary history.

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Dakota Protesters Now Occupying Private Property, Citing 150 Year-Old Treaty

dakota-access-pipeline-protestAmerican Indians are occupying huge plots of private land near the Dakota Access Pipeline, claiming they own the property based on a nearly 165-year-old treaty.

The company building the nearly 1,200-mile long oil pipeline has purchased large tracts of land, relying on eminent domain to construct routes four states from North Dakota, to Iowa, to Illinois. It was not known who owns the occupied land.

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London School of Economics in £9 Million Climate Fraud

London School of Economics

London School of Economics

A climate change research department at one of Britain’s leading universities has defrauded taxpayers out of millions of pounds by falsely claiming credit for research done elsewhere.

According to an investigation by David Rose for the Mail on Sunday, the Centre for Climate Change Economics (CCCEP)at the London School of Economics (LSE) has snaffled £9 million in UK government grants by claiming credit for studies it had not funded and for papers published by rival academics.

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Leonardo DiCaprio is planning a revival of the 1990s eco show

dicaprioDespite being the official “Messenger of Peace for Climate Change,” according to the United Nations — and recently being wined and dined at the White House while showing his newest globe-trotting environmentalist documentary — Academy Award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s image as a passionate environmentalist is quickly being swallowed by charges of hypocrisy and shady dealings.

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When Asked To Show Evidence Of Man-Made Warming, Scientists Can’t Do It

Malcolm Roberts

Malcolm Roberts

There’s probably not a phrase that the global warming alarmists and dim celebrities trying to play the role of intellectuals use more than some variation of “the science is settled.” It’s a catchy phrase that’s intended to shut down debate and shame skeptics.

And it’s simply not true.

The alarmist community has had almost three decades to prove its assumptions, and while it is plausible that there has been a small measure of warming, the disaster many predicted hasn’t occurred.

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Another Study Proves Water Used In Fracking Is Perfectly Safe

frackingWater used in hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, can be reused to water crops with no adverse effects, according to research published Monday by California government officials.

Officials in the state’s Cawelo Water District (Cawelo) concurred with toxicologists that the recycled water was safe for agricultural use. Researchers found no difference in crops which were irrigated with recycled fracking water and those irrigated from other sources. This confirmed previous analyses that recycled water is safe for crops.

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