Matthew to Arrive 4,000 days after Last Major Hurricane

matthewHurricane Matthew, with 105 mph sustained winds, is now over the south-central Caribbean. It is expected to strengthen into a major hurricane today or tomorrow, and possibly make landfall somewhere on the East Coast around next Thursday. If it does, Matthew’s landfall would occur exactly 4,000 days after Major Hurricane Wilma’s landfall.

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Trump baited by biased debate moderator

trump-hillary-debateIt was two against one in the Monday night presidential debate. We had moderator Lester Holt, who apparently assumed he was a candidate, too, and Hillary Clinton, well-equipped with policy malformations, against Donald Trump. Trump wasn’t nearly as bad as I anticipated — much closer to reality on the economy, police, guns and Iran, for instance, if issues still count in this contest.

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The (mostly) good news about Trump for Canadian conservatives

keystoneWe heard a lot about Donald Trump’s bombast but little about where he promises to take the U.S. and less about what that would mean for Canada. Now that a Trump presidency is thinkable — according to some polls, he’s leading — here’s the (mostly) bad news for left-leaning Canadians and the (mostly) good news for Canadian conservatives.

Trump is an unabashed climate skeptic, calling global warming a hoax, vowing to rip up the Paris climate agreement and, like other Republicans, to defund the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change along with domestic global warming programs.

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XKCD Succumbs To Climate Change Denial

cartoon-temp-timelineIt’s a strange irony of the “climate change” campaign that its advocates are the ones who deny the existence of climate change—or at least, they deny the existence of climate change in the past. They stubbornly deny that global temperatures have changed in any really significant way since end of the last ice age, insisting that climate stasis is the natural norm and that it is only in the past few decades that global temperatures have begun to vary in any significant way.

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Coming to a Town Near You: The Great Green Energy Disaster

windfarm_wikipediaHave you ever found yourself stuck in a broken down elevator? I have and it’s absolutely bloody terrifying. The claustrophobia; the rising heat; the shortage of air; the gnawing fear that something even worse might happen – a fire, say – before the rescue services have time to reach you…

Well, in the South Australian blackouts this week a lot of people had exactly this nightmare experience. Others found themselves on trains that suddenly stopped, or stuck on aeroplanes unable to disembark, or gridlocked in traffic, or stuck in their homes without TV or refrigeration or air-conditioning  or hot food or heating or internet or any way of discovering what was happening in the outside world.

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Green Group Jumps On The Bandwagon, Files Lawsuit Against Exxon Over Climate Fraud

exxonmobil.siAn environmentalist group filed a civil lawsuit Thursday against Exxon Mobil for allegedly failing to account for global warming at an oil containment facility near a river in Massachusetts.

The Conservation Law Foundation’s cobbled together an investigation against the oil company and found that “despite knowing the harm climate change could cause, Exxon Mobil left its oil storage facilities in Everett, Mass., Providence, R.I., and elsewhere vulnerable to flooding from storms and rising seas.”

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World Climate Measured in Foreign-Hype Decrees

indiaThis coming Sunday, India is to ratify the 2015 Paris climate accord.  Earlier this month, in Hangzhou, China, President Obama accepted on behalf of all Americans–without the official approval of the people’s duly elected representatives in Congress–the international climate agreement aimed at greatly reducing “greenhouse gas” emissions.  The airy decree is more likely to greatly reduce American sovereignty and economic growth.

Poll after poll shows that potentially dangerous climate change is not high on the list of concerns by U.S. citizens.  Instead, people fear lack of good jobs and recurring terrorist attacks.

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How Geological Heating Refuels El Niño

The 2014-2016 El Niño “warm blob” was created, maintained, and is now being partially recharged by massive pulses of super-heated and chemically charged seawater from deep ocean geological features. Manmade atmospheric global warming had nothing to do with this El Niño, nor any previous El Niño.

Figure 1.) Partial Re-Warming of the 2014-2016 El Niño as expressed in the 9/26/2016 Shallow Sea Surface Temperature (SST) map. (red / yellow colors equal warmer ocean water (“warm blob”), blue colors equal cooler ocean water(“cool blob”, red dot equals geological heating source point)

Figure 1.) Partial Re-Warming of the 2014-2016 El Niño as expressed in the 9/26/2016 Shallow Sea Surface Temperature (SST) map. (red / yellow colors equal warmer ocean water (“warm blob”), blue colors equal cooler ocean water(“cool blob”, red dot equals geological heating source point)

A summary of the four lines of thinking supporting this claim are as follows; consistent failure of El Niño / La Nina forward-looking computer models, very good correlation of western Pacific Ocean strong earthquake occurrences to El Niño onset, the short term “eruptive” nature of El Niño ocean warming, and the very unique / one of a kind shape of El Niño warm blobs. This article will review each of these lines of thinking to start with the failed El Niño / La Nina computer models.

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Sanitation and Mining—Two of the Most Under-Appreciated Jobs in America

garbage truckPart of what keeps a major metropolitan city going, day after day, is the removal of waste and garbage. New York City alone produces 33 million tons of garbage each year.

And so, the men and women who efficiently and continually remove the city’s scrap, waste, and debris each day are providing a vital service. Their jobs become particularly important in the summer months when food scraps and waste break down most rapidly into the breeding grounds for various pests and bacteria.

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E&E Legal Responds to Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s Tantrum on the U.S. Senate Floor

sheldonYesterday Rhode Island U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse once again used his office to promote the agenda of party donors such as green billionaire Tom Steyer, and other environmental activists, taking to the U.S. Senate floor and using official business time to attack the Energy & Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal), other free-market pro-liberty groups, and those who are frustrating his and his allies’ political agenda.

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