The Nerdy Cartoon That Explains Why Millennials Don’t Have A Clue About Climate Change

There’s a cute, nerdy cartoon – A Timeline of Earth’s Average Temperature – that has been doing the rounds on the internet by bestselling author Randall Munroe purporting to illustrate the dire, unprecedented threat that is man-made global warming.


It’s at a site hugely popular with geeks and nerds called xkcd – “A webcom of romance, sarcasm, math, and language”. Millennials will look at it and go “Wow, that is like totally sick!”, their eyes opened as never before to the menace of late 20th/early 21st century climate change. They will go on demos, launch petitions on Change.Org, demand of politicians that ever more stringent action be taken now.

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Fracking scare stories condemned by watchdog

frackingA green campaign group made a series of misleading claims about the health and environmental impacts of fracking, according to a damning draft ruling by the advertising watchdog.

Friends of the Earth (FoE) failed to substantiate claims that fracking could cause cancer, contaminate water supplies, increase asthma rates and send house prices plummeting, the Advertising Standards Authority says.

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Climate Exaggeration is Backfiring

severe-stormGreen activists are at war with the greatest American foe since the Axis Powers—or so they say. The latest Democratic Party platform compares the fight against global warming to World War II.

Using terms such as “battlefield,” “siege,” and “front,” those opposed this “war effort” have been labeled anything from Nazis to Holocaust deniers. (I personally have been called a sociopath by climate activist Joe Romm of the Center for American Progress, another story.)

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Political Science: A Reply to the 375 Concerned Members of the National Academy of Sciences

stack-of-papersSome 375 political activists attached to the National Academy of Sciences, supporting the totalitarian view on the climate question, have recently issued an open letter saying we “caused most of the historical increase in atmospheric levels of heat-trapping greenhouse gases.”

In fact, the extent of our influence on climate is not “settled science.” Only 0.3% of twelve thousand papers published in learned journals claimed that recent warming was mostly manmade. The 375 activists are entitled to their opinion, but the scientific community’s peer-reviewed results overwhelmingly fail to endorse their narrow view that recent warming was predominately manmade.

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After Paris: China Stokes Global Coal Growth

Chinese companies and banks are continuing to drive global coal expansion, as state-owned companies, backed by state loans, build coal-fired power plants across the world. This is despite commitments from China’s top leaders to deliver clean energy and low carbon infrastructure for developing countries. The world’s largest carbon emitter aims to reposition itself as a global green power. However, these efforts are being undercut by Chinese-backed coal power plants planned and under construction from Indonesia to Pakistan, Turkey to the Balkans –as well as in Africa and Latin America. These could boost global emissions and lock developing countries into fossil fuel intensive energy systems for decades. –Beth Walker, China Dialogue, 23 September 2016

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Everything You Need To Know Before Obama’s Global Warming Plan Goes To Court

power-linesThe U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit will hear oral arguments Tuesday in West Virginia v. EPA, the legal challenge to President Barack Obama’s signature global warming initiative, the Clean Power Plan (CPP).

The litigation is massive in scale — nearly every state in the union is involved in some capacity. West Virginia is leading a coalition of 27 states who are challenging the rule, while 18 states have come to the Plan’s defense. Each side is joined by activist and industry groups, electric companies, academics, lawmakers, tech companies, and retired dignitaries who together have filed over 70 amicus, or friend-of-the-court briefs.

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Obama’s climate legacy on trial

gavelThe centerpiece of President Obama‘s climate change agenda goes to court on Tuesday, where it will face challenges from 28 states, the coal industry and more than 100 other groups. But in a broad sense, it’s the opening salvo of a fierce legal battle that will decide his legacy on global warming.

Oral arguments in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals are the beginning of the legal challenges, not the end, because the case is expected to go on to the Supreme Court, which stayed Obama’s Clean Power Plan in February.

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Germany’s All-Time Record High Set In 2015 Looks Dubious …Likely Due To UHI / Instrumentation Error

weather-station-kitzingenAt the Germany-based European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE), Helmut Kuntz writes that Germany’s all-time record high temperature recorded last year, 2015, is likely an artifact of the urban heat island effect (UHI) and instrumentation error margins.

In 2015 the Kitzingen weather station located in southern Germany set a new all-time high when it reached 40.3°C — twice: on July 5 and August 7 — breaking the earlier record of 40.2°C set on 27 July 1983 in Gärmersdorf. The whopping margin: a whole 0.1°C! Photo right: Kitzingen station.

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Climate Institute’s poll shock: just 30% are believers

sydneyThe Climate Institute’s latest press release contains more meaningless propaganda – that most Australians believe the climate is changing. Hidden is the amazing truth: that just 30 per believe man is mainly to blame for climate change.

This claim in the Climate Change press release is meaningless because I also agree the climate is changing – and always has:

Seventy-seven per cent of Australians now believe climate change is occurring, up from 64 per cent in 2012, with trust in the science up from a minority in 2012 to 60 per cent now.

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Paris Climate Deal Signed, China Starts Raising Coal Production

President Obama in Kenya checking out a solar panel.

President Obama in Kenya checking out a solar panel.

Major Chinese coal producers have started raising production, the China Securities Journal reported on Wednesday, potentially unleashing 11 million tonnes of new supply each month onto the market and derailing the meteoric rally in Asian prices. The move followed a meeting earlier this month to draw up a draft proposal that would allow miner to raise daily output by 500,000 tonnes if prices hit 500 yuan ($74.94) per tonne for two weeks. China’s biggest coal producer Shenhua Group has been given the green light to increase output by 2.79 million tonnes a month from 14 mines, said the paper. Reuters, 23 September 2016

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