“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
—Daniel J. Boorstin

Report Details White House, Environmentalists Action To Stop Fracking Boom

cartoon-obama-oil-drillingPresident Obama has long been touting the U.S. oil and natural gas boom as the product of his administration’s “all of the above” energy plan. But a new report from Senate Republicans claims the White House supports oil and gas drilling publicly while partnering behind the scenes with eco-activists to regulate it out of existence.

Environmentalists have launched a massive campaign to impose stricter regulations and even bans on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in states across the country. Their efforts have been complemented by federal agencies working to crack down on fracking and horizontal drilling, according to a report by Republicans on the Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee.

Man-Made Global Warming 'A Myth', Says Weather Channel Founder

colemanMan-made climate change is a myth and all efforts to prove its existence have failed, according to Weather Channel founder John Coleman. The award winning weatherman, whose career spans over sixty years, drew on the support of over 9,000 Ph.D. scientists to claim that "the science [purportedly proving man made global warming] is not valid".

His remarks were made in an open letter to the Hammer Forum, which hosts a series of discussion panels at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Yesterday the forum played host to Michael Mann, creator of the infamous and widely debunked ‘hockey stick graph’ which claimed that global temperature was on a rapid upward trajectory, and Brenda Ekwurzel, who has lobbied for stronger climate legislation in the States. The letter was published in full on climate blog Watts Up With That.

"At your October 23 Hammer Forum on Climate Change you have scheduled as your only speakers two people who continue to present the failed science as though it is the final and complete story on global warming/climate change. This is major mistake," Coleman wrote.

Getting oil across Canada to the sea could be in the pipeline

pipeline constructionSo you're the Canadian oil industry and you do what you think is a great thing by developing a mother lode of heavy crude beneath the forests and boggy muskeg of northern Alberta.

The plan is to send it clear to refineries on the US Gulf Coast via a pipeline called Keystone XL. Just a few years back, America desperately wanted that oil.

Then one day the politics get sticky. In Nebraska, farmers don't want the pipeline running through their fields or over their water source. US environmentalists invoke global warming in protesting the project.

US President Barack Obama keeps siding with them, delaying and delaying approval.

Europe's Climate Poker

merkelEU leaders Thursday night committed by 2030 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40%, and increase energy efficiency and renewables by at least 27% [provided there is a legally binding UN climate treaty]. French President  François Hollande said the deal would send a clear message to other countries such as China and the US ahead of the talks in Paris next year to agree global legally binding greenhouse gas emissions. A special “flexibility clause” was added to the final text, making it possible for the Council to return to the targets after the UN summit. --EurActiv, 24 October 2014

European leaders have struck a broad climate change pact obliging the EU as a whole to cut greenhouse gases by at least 40% by 2030. But key aspects of the deal that will form a bargaining position for global climate talks in Paris next year were left vague or voluntary, raising questions as to how the aims would be realised. A clause was inserted into the text that could trigger a review of the EU’s new targets if other countries do not come forward with comparable commitments in Paris. --Arthur Neslen, The Guardian, 24 October 2014

EU 40% CO2 reduction by 2030 is a plan to destroy the whole system twice

power-electricA damp rag nicknamed Herman Van Rompuy (yes, check what is the most popular YouTube video about him) and his apparatchik friends have finally agreed about an insane 15-year plan (a 3 times more ambitious time scale than Stalin liked to "command")

EU leaders agree CO2 emissions cut

It's an atrocious piece of communist planning. Poland and others probably agreed with this insanity because they were promised a few bucks (negligible $3 billion dollars over a decade in the case of Czechia) as a compensation.

Historically, similar communist plans have almost never come true and it's very likely that this won't come true, either. There isn't any good reason why the production of carbon dioxide should drop by 40 percent.

Global Warming Carpetbaggers Misfire In Florida Attack Ads

steyerOutside activist groups are spending millions of dollars on political ads claiming Florida Gov. Rick Scott is not doing enough to fight global warming. A look at the facts, however, reveals Florida is more than pulling its weight on the global warming issue and the political ads are more about promoting a Democratic political candidate than fighting global warming.

Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer, who made his fortune funding coal power in Third-World nations, is leading the global warming push in Florida, spending $10 million on anti-Scott political ads. The ads take a decidedly negative and sarcastic tone, including claiming Scott’s plan to address global warming is to build an ark for himself and his friends.

Climate change PROVED to be 'nothing but a lie', claims top meteorologist

earth sun 2John Coleman, who co-founded the Weather Channel, shocked academics by insisting the theory of man-made climate change was no longer scientifically credible. 

Instead, what 'little evidence' there is for rising global temperatures points to a 'natural phenomenon' within a developing eco-system.

In an open letter attacking the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, he wrote: "The ocean is not rising significantly.

"The polar ice is increasing, not melting away. Polar Bears are increasing in number.

Labor keeps power bills high to pretend to save the planet

wind-farm-landLabor wants your power bills to be higher than they could be - just to pretend to “save” the palent from a warming which stopoped 16 years ago:

LABOR this afternoon rejected a government move to reduce the Renewable Energy Target but agreed to work to resolve the impasse.

Ahead of negotiations today Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane revealed he had written to Labor offering a compromise deal that would see the large-scale RET cut to around 27,000 gigawatt hours…

Why 2014 Won’t Be the Warmest Year on Record

satelliteMuch is being made of the “global” surface thermometer data, which three-quarters the way through 2014 is now suggesting the global average this year will be the warmest in the modern instrumental record.

I claim 2014 won’t be the warmest global-average year on record.

..if for no other reason than this: thermometers cannot measure global averages — only satellites can. The satellite instruments measure nearly every cubic kilometer – hell, every cubic inch — of the lower atmosphere on a daily basis. You can travel hundreds if not thousands of kilometers without finding a thermometer nearby.

(And even if 2014 or 2015 turns out to be the warmest, this is not a cause for concern…more about that later).

Splattergate II: Green Graphic Novel Celebrates Eco-Terrorism Shopping Mall Killing Spree

When is it acceptable for a terrorist to go berserk in a shopping mall and machine gun innocent victims to death?

Climate ChangedWhen it's all being done for the noble cause of environmentalism, of course!

Such is the take-home message of an award-winning graphic novel which has been praised by a top scientist at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as "a marvellous way to convey the knowledge accumulated by our scientific community." (H/T Marc Morano at Climate Depot)

It has also been recommended by a curriculum developer at the US National Council of Teachers of English as a "rigorous" and "highly expressive" work which will make an "optimal text for students at various levels". (Naturally, the novel has been deemed Common-Core-compliant too.)

When Science gets Hijacked by Politics

cartoon-its-called-weatherLooks like the Obama administration is up to its old (as in new) tricks again, this time putting its fingers on the already skewed scale in order to motivate a disinterested electorate. Both Obama and the EU are pressuring the UN to make its upcoming climate report more hysterical, and are seeking a stronger warmist warning. All this in the face of no observable warming for nearly two decades. The current report, they feel, isn't "effective" enough in reporting on the supposed dangers from climate models, er, climate change. From Bloomberg (bold added):

The U.S. and European Union are pushing for a stronger explanation about the dangers of climate change and the consequences of failing to stem fossil-fuel emissions in the UN’s most extensive report on global warming.

State of Fear

florida-wikipediaSometimes you read a headline and think it's a parody straight out of The Onion, a satirical news website. Well, according to the Sun-Sentinel, elected officials from Southern Florida want to cut their state in half, making it Florida and South Florida, the 51st state in the Union. Why? Climate change of course. Even though sea level rise has remained constant since the last glacial period.

According to a report from the Sun-Sentinel, a proposal by the Mayor of South Miami and South Miami City Commission calls for the legal separation of Florida into two separate states.

The new state — aptly dubbed "South Florida" — would thus become the 51st state in the Union.

The imposing threat of rising sea levels is behind the proposal.