3,200 Greens Strip Naked And Paint Bodies Blue For Global Warming

GreensThousands of environmentalists stripped naked and painted themselves blue in Britain Saturday to protest global warming in what activists are calling a performance art display.

An estimated 3,200 volunteers stripped and painted their bodies with a collection of four shades of blue selected by a photography team, then marched through the tiny town of Hull in East Yorkshire.

“It’s the idea that the bodies and humanity is flooding the streets,” Spencer Tunick, who organized and photographed the event, told The Guardian. “I was very surprised to see so many older people take part and so many people who had problems walking ‚Äì wheelchairs, crutches, leg braces. They were resilient and we had young and old and I am so thankful to them.”

The protesters blocked traffic and shut down roads for 10 hours to represent the rising sea levels caused by global warming.

Tunick claims that naked human bodies juxtaposed in a public space inspired his work, saying “the natural, soft vulnerable body that’s up against the concrete world ‚Äì it creates a dynamic that interests me.”

A local art museum will display the photographs next year.

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    Simon Ruszczak


    Too bad the weather was cold (in summer), which was NOT caused by AGW, that’s why it’s could “weather”. (sarc)
    Any colder and they wouldn’t have needed to be painted blue. (sarc)

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    Nice spice rack . Should read stay in EU to stay socialist . Let’s see how many are keen to leave when the banks crash in Germany and Italy . Obviously none of these campaigners
    lost a friend or relative as part of the 30,000 fuel poverty deaths each year .
    Why not make a carbon tax voluntary to see how many feel so concerned about
    oh so scary global warming ? You know put your money where your mouth is .
    Here is your chance . You wouldn’t raise enough cash to build a few bird blenders .

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    I wish these exhibisionistic socialists would move to Germany or France and then be extremely happy as Turkey join the EUssr. Bail outs for Greece and Portugal (more to come) – cannot continue indefinitely.
    The EUssr will fail it is just a matter of time and now they have lost their second biggest charity donater the UK – I wonder if the Germans will step up to the plate and pay the 13 billion pounds that UK paid.

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    They picked the wrong color, they all claim White is to reduce albedo, so why not Snow White? And yet they do somethang different, couldn’t be White previledge now could it? The Ironing of it all! 😆

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