-30¬∞C In Poland — Europe Arctic Cold Blast Claims Close To 60 Lives As Media Remain Mostly Silent!

Western Europeans need to brace themselves.

Reader Indomitable Snowman sent a link to an AccuWeather report telling us of the intense winter weather gripping eastern Europe and how it has claimed close to 60 lives thus far. German weather site wetteronline.de also reports of close to 60 cold deaths so far from the current Eastern European cold blast.

Although we get scattered reports of cold deaths here in Europe, it’s been tough to find a total tally from the German global warming-devout mainstream media.

Accuweather writes:

Millions of people from Baltic states and Poland southward to the Mediterranean Sea have endured dangerous cold and bouts of snow. Thousands of refugees have also had to endure the bitter cold which is expected to last through at least Thursday. Temperatures plummeted to the lowest level in years in Warsaw, Minsk, Budapest and Moscow.”

Rescue from cold for the birds?

Entering the German term “K√§ltetote” (cold deaths) in Google, one gets few reports of the total deaths in Europe (at the time this post was written) from the German mainstream media. Online daily Bild did wrote here 2 days ago how the intensely cold conditions posed a dangerous threat to refugees in transit. Indeed this was true, and it still is.

Yet, another site here seem to think the real story of the day was how one man rescued a bird from freezing to death — as if poor citizens do not matter so much?

Die Welt reports 50 victims

To its credit, the online Die Welt here reported on the eastern European cold deaths earlier today:

Especially in the east and south of the continent several dozen people have frozen to death, in Belarus, Ukraine, in Hungary and Slovakia, in Bosnia, Austria, Belgium and Italy. Especially hard hit is Poland, where the mercury fell at times to -30¬∞C. […] In total the cold wave in January has claimed so far about 50 victims, since November the number is close to 70 people.”

The most vulnerable unable to afford heat

Moreover it appears that Europe’s socialist, compassionate systems aren’t really doing their job of helping society’s weakest. Die Welt comments that “pensioners, the unemployed and the homeless often cannot afford heating” and thus are the ones paying the price of a low-energy society with their lives.

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