10 Years Later, Al Gore Says His Film ‘Underestimated’ Global Warming

goreFormer Vice President Al Gore told The Hollywood Reporter his 2006 film “An Inconvenient Truth” actually underestimated how serious global warming would be — despite all the patently false predictions he made in the film.

“I wish the film had over-estimated the seriousness of the crisis, but unfortunately it actually underestimated how serious it is,” Gore told THR in an interview Thursday, just days before the 10th anniversary of his film.

[dcquiz] “But on the positive side, solutions are now being developed so quickly that there is real cause for hope and optimism,” Gore said.

Gore’s 2006 film claimed global warming was the greatest challenge facing mankind, and that human-produced carbon dioxide emissions were pushing the Earth towards an ecological disaster. The film even won Gore and his crew two Oscars in 2007, and the movie revitalized Gore’s political relevance.

But did Gore’s film actually “underestimate” the seriousness of global warming? The Daily Caller News Foundation re-watched “An Inconvenient Truth” in early May to see how well his predictions fared after a decade.

Our conclusion: Gore is still alarmingly wrong.

TheDCNF pointed out Gore’s top five failed predictions (there were more, we just didn’t want to publish a novel). Some of his more famous predictions, including that Mount Kilimanjaro would have no snow by 2016, were hilariously incorrect — and, yes, Kilimanjaro still has snow.

But that didn’t stop Gore from playing up his film’s success when interviewed by THR. For example, Gore bragged about his expertise on the connection between global warming and extreme weather.

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    David Lewis


    [quote name=”Bill Butler”]In regard to Al Gore’s prediction for Mt. Kilimanjaro, here’s a 2015 Google Earth view.
    (View is toward the SW from near the Tanzania/Kenya border.)
    Here’s a similar view but as of 1976.

    The image of Mt. Kilimanjaro without snow was taken on July 10, 2015.

    An image with a copy right of this year, a specific date isn’t given, shows that there is snow.


    I’m not talking about the small picture at the upper left which might be from their files, but the large picture.

    The article is correct; Mt. Kilimanjaro has snow on it, or at least did this year.

    More significantly Al Gore missed on his most significant predictions. I found the following at:


    1. Rising Sea Levels—inaccurate and misleading. Al was even discovered purchasing a beachfront mansion!
    2. Increased Tornadoes—declining for decades.
    3. New Ice Age in Europe—they’ve been spared; it never happened.
    4. South Sahara Drying Up—completely untrue.
    5. Massive Flooding in China and India—again, didn’t happen.
    6. Melting Arctic—false—2015 represents the largest refreezing in years.
    7. Polar Bear Extinction—actually they are increasing!
    8. Temperature Increases Due to CO2—no significant rising for over 18 years
    9. Katrina a Foreshadow of the Future—false—past 10 years, no F3 hurricanes; “longest drought ever!”
    10. The Earth Would be in a “True Planetary Emergency” Within a Decade Unless Drastic Action Taken to Reduce Greenhouse Gasses—never happened.

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    How many pension funds were convinced to plow pensioners investments into renewable flame outs ? Of the approximate 40 failing or near failing renewable companies how many were promoted as stocks to invest in by global warming promoters ?
    How many of those AG’s are from States that financially supported or put pension money in those dog renewable companies the AG’s and Al Gore define as AG’s for Clean Power ” ?

    People tend not to forget crappy stock tippers .

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    Gore believes in his own the scary global warming stories so much and the $$Billions in tax payers money available he just has to invest in those companies . Too bad other suckers have lost their shirts but the stock market is a casino after all and the house has to win . Even with $$Billions in tax payer loot
    the “renewables ” flame out fast . Get in early and get out or lose your ass . and the AG’s are lobbying for them .

    Change is coming . Is it any surprise ?

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    David Lewis


    When he says he underestimated global warming perhaps he was jealous of the predictions made by the Good Morning America report from 2008.

    “The images show Manhattan shrinking against the onslaught of the rising seas — in 2015. Last year. Gasoline was supposed to be $9 per gallon. Milk would cost almost $13 per gallon. Wildfires would rage, hurricanes would strike with ever-greater intensity. “

    This is at:


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